January 29, 2005

ok i lied

i tried to add comments to my blog but something came up...exactly like this
Blogger just attempted to update your Template to support comments, but the auto-update failed. Please copy and paste the following code into your template, immediately after the posted-by/permalink code, but before the tag:
WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? please...english next time.

January 28, 2005

im a nerd

so, hounor band, know....if i ever wanted to be cool, this is proably the best step to take. hahaha. its official, im a nerd. but hey at least i get to beat things....drums......their. gotta have a passion for something. anyways. leaving on the 11th? maybe? should be cool. staying in the dorms, hanging with friends....or i guess....friend, becuase i dont really like anyone else who is going....i dont know who else is going other than me and michelle. the nerds that we are. make new friends, from all over southern saskatchewan....who will all be as cool as me for going to hounor band.
you be honest....if i wasnt going i would make fun of everyone who is going. becuase im a loser but at least not as nerdy as the people going. but hey, gotta make yourself look cool some how. fuck this blog is stupid.

ps. gotta stop swearing

whats on my mind

im confused by alot of things these days, well mostly one. the one thing i want most, but just seems out of reach. like the book on the top almost have it, can just put your fingers on it, but cant seem to grab it. there is something in my life that makes me feel that way
makes me feel unsure
im just happy to be around
im way to sappy

the wierd thing is i try to move on, but its hard, and im really glad we have that bond, but still, its hard to move on. Id never act on any of my feelings, i dont hide them either. i let them out. it would be wrong to keep them in.
sometimes people arent ready
sometimes life doesnt play to fair
friendships are wonderful
dont ever let them fade

its weird the feelings i get, i think i fall for people too fast. this one is different. thats what i said about the last one. atleast with this one we are on the same page.

i want to end this blog, but everytime i want to stop, i just want to write more. my secrets need to fade away